Repotting Brugmansias

Brugmansia Ecuador Pink


In early spring we bring the Brugmansias out of the conservatory where they have been overwintering.
It would be impossible to keep potting them up into larger pots, I can only just lift them now. (Malcolm)

So we take them out of their pots and with an old saw, cut away about half the rootball from the sides, bottom and a little of the old soil from the top. It seems a bit cruel doesn't it.

Here is the plant stood back into its original pot, with gaps all round for the new soil to be introduced.

We use a mixture of half any general purpose compost, mixed with half of John Innes number 3, with the addition of a couple of handfuls of Bonemeal. Pack the soil mix around the root ball to hold the plant steady. Don't forget to put the label back in.

We haven't finished yet. We now cut off most of the leaves, for two reasons.
To cut down on the transpiration of water through the leaves. After reducing the root ball, the plant may not be able to supply enough water to a mass of leaves and it will stress the plant.
The leaves will soon grow back and by then the roots will have recovered. Don't forget to keep the plant watered, but not too much to start with.

It was hard work getting the plants out of the conservatory, and they have had to go back in again till the threat of frost has gone.
During the growing season we feed the Brugmansias with a High Potash feed to encourage flowers. And keep them watered well.

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