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The Old Rectory Duntisbourne Rous, Gloucetsershire
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Our final garden on the tour was The Old Rectory, Owned by Mary Keen who is a Garden writer for the Telegraph.
Another garden that makes ours look so small, lots of different areas which will take you time to find and appreciate.
Not so tidied a garden as some, but in keeping with the old look of the house. I particularly liked the garden near the greenhouse and the views through the gates.
A garden with
character, with the old village school house in the garden converted for renting, and the walk through the side gate to a lovely little ancient church. The planting was laid back and the swing in the apple tree, once used by Mary’s children, gave a timeless atmosphere.



Lilium  ...............

Eremurus 'Cleopatra'

A peek through the garden door to the church

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