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Lilium flowering 2011

This page is going to be a great reference for us in future years. Bear in mind that the flowering is about 3 weeks early in 2011 as we had a very warm spring.

May 21st 
Lilium 'Marrakech'                                                     May 27th  Lilium 'Orange Pixie'
1                                                                                                       2


May 31st  Lilium 'Salmon Pride'                                                   June 7th  Lilium 'Yellow Pixie' 
3                                                                                                       4

June 7th  Lilium 'Spring Pink'                                                      June 10th  Lilium 'Tiger Play'
5                                                                                                      6

June 14th  Lilium 'Painbrush Pink'                                                 June 14th  Lilium 'La Toya'
7                                                                                                       8

June 15th Lilium 'Sphinx'                                                              June 15th Lilium ...........?
9                                                                                                      10

June 16th Lilium longiflorum                                                        June 18th Lilium pardalinum 'Giganteum'
11                                                                                                    12

June 18th Lilium 'Lativa'                                                               June 19th  Lilium 'Eyeliner'
13                                                                                                    14

June 19th Lilium  'Gran Cru'                                                         June 21st Lilium  'Nettys Pride'
15                                                                                                     16

June 21st   Lilium  'Citronella'                                                     June 21st Lilium  we don't know name of.
17                                                                                                   18

June 22nd  Lilium tigrinium 'Pink Tiger'                                     June 25th  Lilium  'Dimention'
19                                                                                                   20

June 26th  Lilium  we don't know name of                                  June 26th  Lilium  'Little John'
21                                                                                                   22

June 26th  Lilium  'Orange Art'                                                  June 27th  Lilium  'Olina'
23                                                                                                  24

June 27th  Lilium  'Elodie'                                                            July 5th  Lilium  'Anastasia'
25                                                                                                   26

July 5th  Lilium  'Lady Alice'                                                        July 7th  Lilium  'Cancun'
27                                                                                                    28

July 8th  Lilium  'African Queen'                                                  July 8th  Lilium longiflorum 'Snow Queen' 
29                                                                                                    30

July 11th  Lilium  'Triumphator'                                                    July 13th  Lilium  'Con Amore'
31                                                                                                     32

July 15th  Lilium  'Sherazade'                                                        July 15th  Lilium  'Red Dutch'
33                                                                                                     34

July 15th  Lilium  'Muscadet'                                                         July 15th  Lilium  'Golden Splendour'
35                                                                                                      36

July 15th  Lilium 'Halloween'                                                         July 17th    Lilium leichtlinii
37                                                                                                      38

July 19th  Lilium 'Barbarosa'                                                          July 19th  Lilium not sure of name 
39                                                                                                      40

July 19th  Lilium 'Pink Perfection'                                                 July 20th  Lilium 'Shocking' 
41                                                                                                      42

July 21st  Lilium 'Lavon'                                                                 July 21st  Lilium 'El Condor'
43                                                                                                      44

July 22nd  Lilium speciosum 'Rubrum'                                            July 22nd  Lilium lancifolium var splendens
45                                                                                                       46

July 25th  Lilium  'Stargazer'                                                            July 25th  Lilium 'Tiger Woods
47                                                                                                        48

July 27th  Lilium  'Salmon Star'                                                      July 27th  Lilium  'Cassandra' 
49                                                                                                      50

July 28th  Lilium  'Nova Zembla'                                                     July 28th  Lilium  'Black Beauty' 
51                                                                                                       52

July 28th  Lilium  'Vendella'                                                            July 30th  Lilium  'Tarrango' 
53                                                                                                       54

July 31st  Lilium  'Lesley Woodriff'                                                 July 31st  Lilium  'Marco Polo'  
55                                                                                                        56

August 3rd  Lilium  'Wilkie Albertii'                                                August 8th  Lilium  'Brasilia'
57                                                                                                       58