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The Gladiolus growing in the garden watch our slide show of Gladiolus Here

Gladiolus StellaGladiolus ShockingGladiolus Robinette
Gladiolus PerkyGladiolus Papillo RubyGladiolus Nathalie
Gladiolus Nanos NymphGladiolus Madame de ParisGladiolus Kosmic
Gladiolus JacquelineGladiolus Ice CreamGladiolus Byzantinus
Gladiolus DesireeGladiolus AtomGladiolus Claudia
Gladiolus CindyGladiolus Vera Lynn

More to follow when they flower.

1    "Stella"
2    "Shocking"
3    "Robinette"
4    "Perky"
5    "Papillo ruby"
6    "Nathalie"
7    "Nanos nymph"
8    "Madame de paris"
9    "Kosmic"
10    "Jacqueline"
11    "Ice cream"
12    "Byzantine"
13    "Desiree"
14    "Atom"
15    "Claudia"
16    "Cindy"
17    "Vera Lynn"