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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
June 2010

June 30th
The end of another month, the seasons are so short. It's that time when we begin to worry about the weather for our open days, yes I know it is another 11 days away till the first opening this year, and really too long to take any notice of long term weather forecasts.

We have had several private groups visit our garden already, it is very different to all the visitors on an open day.
One visitor who was standing looking at the garden said to me "Nature is a wonderful thing, but sometimes even better with mans influence."

Lyn,s garden  Delphinium 'Elizabeth Cook'  Lilium 'Marrakech'
and Campanula lactiflora 'Pritchards Variety'                                   Looking through Lyn's front garden gate


June 28th
While working in the front garden during the weekend, I saw two ladies looking over the wall from the pavement outside. I went up to say hello as they were very interested in the garden, so much so that I asked if they would like to come in and have a quick look.
Clematis Piilu    Raised in Estonia.

The front garden path

June 23rd
I baked a couple of cakes this afternoon ready for a private group visit tomorrow evening, then went into the back garden to take a few pictures. I am going to get into terrible trouble not posting pictures of Lyn's garden. But there will be many pictures of the front garden soon.

Brugmansia 'Dalens Glory and Ensete ventricosum 'Montbeliardii'

The patio and Moorish arch leading to Lyn's front garden. Lots more flower colour to come in the next few weeks.

June 22nd
Watering the garden has been the first priority for nearly a week now. We have had blue sky and sunshine again today, temperatures up to about 23c.

Looking through the moorish door into the exotic garden today.

June 21st
Not much to report, but thought you would like to see these pictures taken today.

Salvia nemerosa 'Ostfriesland'

Clematis texensis 'Gravetye Beauty' opening it's flowers

June 20th
The first of our Dahlias in pots started flowering today and lots more, soon to flower.
We spent most of the day cleaning our plant sales bench and plants today, also pricing them up, ready for our open day on July 11th.
We put up our sign advertising that we will be opening, and within 15 minutes a car pulled up and asked if they could look round the garden. "Sorry" was the answer "You are 3 weeks too early".

Clematis 'The Vagabond'

Dahlia 'Knockout' bud

June 19th
A female Stag Beetle slowly made it's way across the lawn and then on to the patio today, we have seen males before but not a female.
In a week or so the bird of paradise plant Strelitzia reginae should have our first ever flower open, which I am looking forward to seeing and taking it's picture for our plant guide page.
Lyn bought a Geranium 'Splendide' earlier this year, which now has a few flowers which are quite nice. But I fear the plant may not ever be covered in flower, just a few, time will tell.

Female Stag beetle                                                          Geranium 'Splendide' 

16th June
The weather over the last three days can only be described as windy, but there has been no damage sustained in the garden.
The first Lily is now in flower, the sixty ish different ones we have will follow on into early August. Another few days of sun and the garden will have quite a lot of colour.
We do have to keep watering the plants especially with the wind, which dries everything up that much quicker.

Lilium Marrakech                                                          One of my (Malcolm) favourites Campanula takesimana 'Elizabeth'

13th June
Our garden is now pretty well ready for the first of our private groups this year, prior to our open days which start on July 11th. We have been working on the garden for both days over this weekend. We just need a few more days sunshine to bring more clematis into flower.

A Hornet on a rose leaf                                               Our 'Dopey' Canary looking a little less so today.

10th June
Windy here today, hopefully the plants are well staked. Delphiniums are particularly difficult to protect from strong wind, especially when they are in flower, which will be in the next couple of weeks. We also found this Harlequin Ladybird on one of the plants.
Allium 'Purple sensation' with Geranium pratense 'Mrs Kendal Clarke'
and Pimpinella major 'Rosea'


7th June 
The summer flowers are slowly starting to come into bloom now, here are a couple of Iris. 
We waited at least two years for Iris Best Bet to flower after purchasing it as a small plant, worth the wait though.
We have had Iris Tuxedo in the garden for many years, last year we didn't have a flower, Lyn had divided the plant too much, for selling on our plant stall.
Iris Tuxedo                                                                                 Iris Best Bet

2nd June

Not much gardening yesterday as wet, and also had to go to the hospital and then the doctors.
Today the Sauromatum venosum "flowered" and I must say it didn't smell as bad as I have read, but the flies must have picked up the smell from a long way away, look at them in the photo.