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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
September  2015

September 25th
September has been a fairly wet month until the recent couple of days. There have also been cool nights. Last night was +5.7c.
I guess that by the middle of October I will probably be starting to cut back plants in my 'Exotic' garden, ready for storing them away from the damp and cold we can expect this coming winter.

I had an email earlier in the month from Mirium Austin, an artist from London.
She wanted some flowers of Brugmansias. My first thoughts were how on earth I could send her the very delicate flowers.
It turned out that she really wanted to come to our garden and cover the cut flowers in a kind of clear rubber used for making prosthetics.
Anyway I quickly agreed, as I was very interested in the process.
Over the period of a week she came down on the train with bottles of the rubber and hardener. As I cut the flowers off the plant, she carefully covered them in the rubber.
After hanging them out to dry she packed them in boxes to take back to the studio.
We also tried out other flowers like Ipomoea indica.
They may well end up in an exhibition of her work, in London.

Lyn has started moving plants around in her 'Cottage' garden, dividing those that have spread too much, and potting them up for next years open days.
Depending how next years openings go, next year might be the last year of opening our garden. Lyn has said that for about the last three years !

What we have done for next year is to change our gate opening times to 1.30pm till 5.00pm. For quite a few years we have opened at 11am to cope with the amount of visitors.
Now that visitor numbers have decreased somewhat we have no need to open so early. It will make it easier for us with a bit more time in the mornings.

After a night of heavy dew, it exposed the large amount of spiders and their webs in the garden.
As well as taking pictures like these, I also took time to video a spider in close up making a web.
It was quite revealing how they spin their web, and place each thread.

This web has been damaged probably by insects flying into it.

A rather more pristine web.

Fuchsia boliviana

Rudbeckia and Tithonia

Ensete ventricosum 'Montbeliardii' and Colocasia



A Datura grown from seed just opening up.