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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
September 2014

Sept 20th

The weather has changed now, and is very overcast after some rain yesterday. I am not looking forward to the winter, we have been spoilt by all the sunshine over the summer.
I have put up some of the shelving in the covered passageway between our two gardens.
The three Mirabilis in pots have already lost their leaves and are now on the shelving, drying out.
The Dahlias on the patio are in full flower still, in fact there are more flowers than during the summer.
The Tithonias are still flowering but the leaves hate the wet, so it won't be long till they get pulled out.
I have been collecting seed from some of the plants in the garden this morning. After making sure they are dry they will be packeted and marked, for sowing in the Spring.

We have already signed up to open our garden again next year, which will be our 15th Year of opening.

Low sun on the patio a couple of days ago

Brugmansias still flowering

Brunfelsia pauciflora in the conservatory, the leaves always seem to have a mottled yellowy look to them, despite feeding 
and keeping bug free.

Ipomoea indica on the roof of our aviary, the colour even more intense on a dull day.

And in Lyn's garden Echinacea purpurea 'Pica Bella'  and Aster amellus 'Rudolph Goathe' 

Actaea simplex 'Pink Spike' is a magnet foe Butterflies and Bees at this time of year, as can be seen in the next picture.

A Red Admiral which came back everyday for about five days. I wonder if it had it's fill of nectar, then has started to hibernate.

Sept 6th
Over the last couple of days I have tidied up our website and also added another page, with all the allotment pictures and text.
Lyn met a lady from Winton at a local nursery, who has been to our garden, and always looks at our Photo Blog interested in our Allotment.
So I decided to keep it all on one page. See
Down at the Allotment

I have also updated our plant guide, which I hadn't updated for a long time.
We are working our way through the list of over 1000 different plants in the garden to make sure we still have them.

It has been very mild the last week, a bit cloudy but mustn't grumble.
Lots of colour in both gardens still, despite us digging up a few plants in Lyn's garden, and of course planting more.
I watered both gardens today as they were quite dry, shown by some droopy leaves.

Canna 'Heinrich Seidel'

Cannas enjoying the late warmth.

Just a view across part of the Exotic garden.