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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
November  2011

November 28th
We did get the first 'Proper' frost of the winter last night, down to minus 2.3c

This afternoon one of our near neighbours had a sofa delivery from a well advertised supplier on tv. About an hour later we also had a delivery. Ours was 56 bags of John Innes formula potting compost on a pallete !!.
On arrival I said to the driver "You have got some dirt for us ?", he replied that some time ago his boss had told him off for describing compost as dirt. His boss said that "Dirt is what you get under your nails".
We had to stop the traffic on the busy main road, to enable the delivery driver to get the fork lift off the back of the lorry, and bring the pallete across the road.
Within  3/4 of an hour I had managed to wheelbarrow them all in to Lyn's shed and my garage.

We still have to order in another 50 bags of a different type of compost, I think we will be struggling to find room for it all soon.

November 27th
We are expecting the first proper frost of the winter tonight, at 6pm it was +4 centigrade. We finally cut down the Salvia involucrata this morning and wrapped it up for the winter, despite their being lots of flowers on it still.
This afternoon we did a 4 mile walk across the common to Longham lake and back in clear skies and a cool breeze.
We are expecting a delivery of 50 sacks of John Innes compost tomorrow afternoon, so we have been making room for places to store it. We still have to order a similar amount of general potting compost from another supplier.

November 20th
Just a few tidy up jobs in the garden today, cleaning the conservatory roof to let as much light in, moving some of the Echium pininana plants that are in pots, under cover. We grew them from seed in January, they are now about a metre tall, and hopefully in Spring we will pot them into bigger pots and they should flower.
Still very mild here, with a few Butterflies flitting around.

Some of the plants still flowering
Salvia involucrata                                                                                    Verbena under the porch at our front door.

A rose thinking about opening                                                                Brugmansia sanguinea in the conservatory           

November 19th
This morning was spent in the garden, up a ladder, removing a large lower branch on our silver birch. The branch was hanging over our incoming telephone wire, so that made it much harder to remove. Anyway after using ropes to stop the branch from falling down on to the wire while I was sawing the branch off, all is well.
While clearing up, I noticed the sun shining through the Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light'

The last of the leaves soon to drop on the Prunus, and the seed heads of Clematis serratifolia

November 16th
Well it is a month since I last posted anything on our blog, I had better not try to make any excuses.
All the tender plants are now protected for the winter, and the Brugmansia cuttings we took when we cut them down to get them into our conservatory, are rooting into water. They will soon have to be potted up, we need between 80 and 100 of them to survive for next years plant sales.
We are opening the garden again next year, unfortunately the entrance fee into the garden has had to go up 50p to 3.00, still a cheap morning or afternoon out though.
I have posted our open days for 2012 on our home and garden open dates pages.

The leaves on our silver birch tree have just about stopped dropping, Lyn has been clearing them from the front lawn every day for about two weeks now. It looks a bit bare round the garden compared to the summer.

Several Butterflies trying to find food, this one has had a hard life. Mind you they don't live long anyway.

Looking for a home for winter

Lyn planting bulbs                                                                                 Still a few flowers surviving in the back garden.