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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
May 2015


May 20th
All the tender plants are now out in the 'Exotic' garden. It has taken quite a while to do.
I have been repotting quite a lot of the plants. Did you know that the fertilizer in the compost you buy, only lasts a couple of months.
This year we have been adding Blood fish and bone fertilizer to the potting soil.

Earlier this year we also fed the Clematis with Blood fish and bone, it seems to have made quite a difference, the plants look much stronger, and there are a lot of buds forming.
It could be just a coincidence, but we haven't seen them as good for many years.

Lyn's garden is still in the 'Green' stage, lots of growth and just a few of the early Summer plants beginning to flower.

Early this morning, ten minutes past midnight, I was out in the 'Exotic' garden putting fleece over some of the plants, it was getting very cold again, especially after the rain and hail showers we had during the day.
This morning when we woke up the minimum temperature had got down to +2.8c during the night. So not quite a frost.

Part of Lyns garden from the bedroom window. As you can see, very green at he moment.

Lyn's garden looking towards 'The well', not a real one, just one I built for her quite a few years ago.

Lyn's garden feature wall, notice the Crinodendron flower buds on the right.

And into my 'Exotic' garden. Lyn calls it 'The Chelsea Garden' because it doesn't exist in the winter. The plants need to 
grow a lot more yet, it looks a bit bare. It has another five and a half weeks to go before our first 'Private' tour visitors arrive.

The pots show up quite a lot at the moment, again with more growth it will hide them.

The lawn is looking good pretty early this year, the grass is very thick, again fed with Blood fish and bone fertilizer.

May 10th

Over the last couple of days quite a lot of the tender plants for the 'exotic' garden have been moved from their winter quarters, into the garden.
At the moment they have not been put into position, mostly because I am being careful, as we might yet get a touch of frost.
I am keeping an eye on this coming Tuesday night. Temperatures are suggested to get down to +2c if it does go down that far I have lots of fleece I can drape over the plants.

We lost Clematis 'Souvenir De Capitane Thuilleaux' over the last winter, it had been getting weaker for a number of years.
Lyn was in a nursery last week, and walked past several clematis, she suddenly saw Capitane Thuilleaux for sale.
She did buy it, and I don't blame her, I think it is a stunning clematis, especially planted in semi shade.

Clematis 'Souvenir De Capitane Thuilleaux' 

Brugmasias brought out of the conservatory for the summer, just taking in the sun at the moment they haven't been 
placed into the garden properly yet.

Dicksonia antarctica 

Brugmansia sanguinea 


Aquilegia 'Clementine'

Iris innominata 

Clematis 'Asao' 

Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David' 

May 4th

Not a lot to show at the moment, it's the "green time", between the Spring and Summer flowers.
We had some rain a couple of days ago, and are now in a quite mild weather regime.
I have got quite a few of the more robust tender plants out of their hibernation quarters, plants like the Oleanders, and all the Dahlias in pots have started into growth, some about 100mm tall.
Repotting or should I say taking the plants out of their pots, knocking off some of the old soil and replacing them in the same pot, with new soil. This takes ages to do, and needs a lot of bags of compost.
I think at last count we have over 200 plants in pots. I am happy to say the job has nearly been completed.
The Brugmasias will not be going outside just yet, it is supposed to get very windy and wet in the next 24 hours, with the tender growth on them, they would probably end up as just Brugmansia trunks.

Tulipa batalinii 'Bright gem' 

Thalictrum aquilegifolium 

Iris ...................... Not sure which one this is at the moment, seems to have lost it's label.

We have seen these in the garden before, some kind of Sheild Bug I guess

Clematis 'Asao' a day or so away from full open flower.

We have a pink cherry tree just inside our front wall, it looks great in full bloom, but makes a terrible mess in the garden
and paths, especially when it is wet.

Anemone pavonina 

Clematis 'The President' flower buds.

Anemone sylvestris 

Agave victoria regine