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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
May 2014


May 26th
As it has started to rain again this afternoon, here are a few more pictures from the garden.

Part of one of the water features in the garden

And in the edge of the water, Mimulus.

Phlox carolina 'Bill Baker' 

Pimpinella major 'Rosea' Just about to open it's flowers.

Rosa 'Dublin bay' 

Pittosporum tobira 

Crinodendron hookerianum.

May 25th
Since putting all the 'Exotic' plants out we have had lots of rain and another day of strong winds, two limbs of Brugmansia have broken off, and also
two complete leaves of Musa Basjoo banana.
We could have done without that, as in twelve days time we have our first private group of the season arrive. We don't normally open at all till July.
But this year we have three groups in June. Quite a few of the Dahlias in pots have buds on them, and there are a few Brugmansia flowers just about to open.
The Gazania bed I hope will have a few flowers and we have quite a few pots with plants in flower dotted around.
In Lyn's garden there is more colour at the moment, lots of Roses, Clematis etc.
The forecast this coming week is for showers and a bit of sun, but not cold. Just as well, as I folded up all the fleece we use to protect plants today and stored it away in the garage.

Brugmansia sanguinea   I have tried to find a cooler place in high summer for this plant, as it stops flowering if too hot.

Clematis 'Fujimusume' in Lyn's garden.

Gerbera garvinea 'Jilly' in the Exotic Garden.

Digitalis in Lyn's garden.

In the passageway just before entering the Exotic garden, part of one of Lyn's mosaics. The geranium is a real one.

Not a real Geko, but it might draw some visitor attention.

Cistus canescens 'Albus'
  Not long after opening it's flower, petals like creased paper.

I suppose a Tomatoe is exotic, in the greenhouse with a lot more.

May 17th

At last virtually all the tender plants are now out in the 'Exotic' garden.
It is amazing how many plants we manage to bring in undercover for the winter, and it takes a long time to get them back into place in the garden.
I can see the first small flower bud on one of the Dahlias in pots. The mild winter has helped bring the plants on, compared to our normal winters.
I did get a bit concerned yesterday when I saw a forecast for next week of HAIL showers. Hopefully that forecast will turn out to be wrong.
Soft foilage and big leaves becomes a tattered mess with hail.

About 3 days after getting the Brugmansias out from the conservatory, we had some strong winds, 60 miles per hour gusts at Poole. which is about 6 miles away.
I had to support some of the soft stems with thin canes for a few days, till the stems became harder and the wind died down.

We start early this year with two garden holiday groups from Germany visiting us, so we just need the plants to grow on and start flowering to give some colour.

Unusually we have seen two slow worms in the garden this year. They are on the heath about 100 metres behind our garden, but I can't say we have seen them in the garden.

Erodium 'Spanish Eyes' 

The 'Exotic' garden today.

And in Lyn's garden
Clematis 'Natascha' 

Clematis 'The President' 

A Clematis that was wrongly labeled, a nice one, but we will have to try to find out it's name.

Clematis 'Hyde Hall' 

Clematis 'Still Waters'.

The slow worm, one of two in the garden.

May 8th

Since last weekend I have been busy moving plants outside into the'Exotic' garden, hoping we have not got any more cold nights to come.
The red leaved bananas will be staying in the conservatory for another week or so.

Clematis 'The Vagabond' 

Dahlias in pots growing well with the sunny weather we have had.

Iris innominata flowers reliably every year.

Clematis 'Mrs Cholmondley' has huge floppy flowers.

Still 'green time' in Lyn's garden.

Iris 'Best Bet'