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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
May 2013

May 24th
Yes I know I have not posted many pictures this month. We have been busy planting up the allotment, tending our gardens here, and in between, earning a little money with my paid job.
In 7 days time I am retiring from my self employed job, which I have been doing for 21 years. Since the age of sixteen I have only been out of work for one week !!, time for more me/us time now at the age of nearly 65.
And I am looking forward to retiring, many of my customers have asked what I will do. I think more of what we like doing, gardening, walking, visiting different places and gardens, making things, photography, a holiday (we haven't had one for 6 years), and doing these things, slower. Not rushing around so much.
It would also be nice to have continuing good health, and get back as much of that money I have been paying for a personal pension, which is worth very little at this time.

We are now in what we call the 'green time' in the garden. The Spring flowers have all but gone, and the summer flowers will start in a few weeks time. Unless of course the weather stays colder than normal, as it is again now.

Senetti in the conservatory

Clematis 'Broughton Bride'  bud

Iris innominata, lots more buds to open.

Phlox divaricata 'Eco Texas Purple' 

Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David' 

Crinodendron hookerianum, well part of it, loads of buds this year.

And you didn't have to go to Chelsea flower show to see Echium pininana. 
We have several here in the Exotic garden. The Bumble bees love them.

Iochroma grandiflorum in the conservatory.

May 5th
At last in the last week the weather has warmed up, which has meant we have been very busy in the garden and at the allotment.
Today I brought a lot of the tender plants out of the greenhouse, which enabled the plants that have been growing indoors under a grow lamp or on a table in our front room, to go into the greenhouse.
We also planted the first runner beans out under a plastic cloche, put in the potatoes and sowed some carrot seed in the allotment.
All the plants in our garden have put on a lot of growth during the warmer weather, the Lilies look stronger this year and most of the Clematis look well.

The Brugmansias are still in the conservatory, as are the Colocasias and red bananas.
Only 4 weeks till I retire from paid work !!

Since last Autumn we have had a Toad in the greenhouse, it varies it's resting place in different pots of plants.
It seems unafraid of us, the only time it is unhappy is when we accidentally drop water on it.
And we have not had any where near as many slugs in the greenhouse.
It obviously likes it in there, and makes no effort to get out, even when the doors are open all day.

Tulipa saxatilis 

Uvularia grandiflora 

Fritillaria michailovskyi 

Omphalodes cappadocica 'Starry eyes' 

Magnolia 'George Henry Kern' 

Erythronium californicum 'White beauty'

Just a reminder of what the allotment looked like before we started work on it
And now a picture of the allotment taken about a week ago. The structure on the left has a dual purpose.
The roof collects water and fills the two metal tanks sunk partly in the soil. It also is a mini greenhouse, salad crops are
already planted inside. The roof is hinged on the right hand side and by pulling two retaining pins on the left hand side
the roof can be lifted to gain easy access. The roof I already had in our garage. It used to protect some of the tender
plants in the 'Exotic' garden.
It all took about 55 hours to get to this stage, with the hard work done, we can enjoy the relatively easy planting,