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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
March 2013


March 31st
We haven't neglected our garden in favour of the new allotment. Yesterday I started power washing the paths and brick edges in Lyns garden, then into my garden. I stared at 9.15am, and didn't finish till 2.15 pm.
It was only about +5.0c, and by the time I finished, despite having welly boots and waterproof? leggings and top, I was soaked and splattered with dirt.

Today we did go to the allotment. After digging pretty well all day, and going to the dump twice, the allotment is coming on well.

Still a lot more digging to do, notice now we have stripped the turf off where cars used to be parked.

We have been given some rhubarb crowns, at first I didn't know if we really wanted them, but the triangular strip we
formed between where we can park our car and the path that serves several allotments seemed just the right place for

Looking from the southern end of the plot, you can see where we stripped the turf off, it actually is the easiest part to 
dig, compared to the part on the left.

The area of grass on the left is the car parking space, where we put all the turf to raise the ground, level with the access 
track..We have dug just under half of the plot now.

March 24th
We spent 4 hours down on the allotment this morning. This time we had decided we would start digging some of the plot.
We could have just sprayed the allotment with Roundup to kill all the weeds and grass, but it would take a long time to kill the weeds properly, and we would have to dig it anyway.
Digging it now would at least allow us to grow something for this year.
We found quite a lot of couch grass and dandelion, so we have tried to get as much out as possible, which takes a long time.
After 4 hours of digging we have dug two and a half metres.

Quite a lot of difference don't you think.
The grass to the left of the picture will get dug out later. Cars used to be parked on there, but now it is part of our plot !

But it is going to take a lot more digging to finish the whole plot.
We do have a good large rotovator, from when we used to have a veg garden at my mothers. We havent used it for
twelve years. A couple of days ago I checked it out, and it started fine.
We are not using it to dig the new plot because all it will do is chop up the couch grass and spread it around even more.
Better to get as much out as possible by hand.

March 23rd
Lyn has had her name on a council list for an allotment for several years. Last weekend she was told she now has one !!
During last week Lyn went down to see the allotments at Longham, they are only about half a mile down the road.
She came back and said there was lots of grass growing on the allotment, and a large bramble in the centre.

This morning despite the weather, cold with dampness in the air, we went down there, equipped with spades and forks to start the clearing.
I had not seen the plot before, and it was in quite a state, more so than Lyn had told me.
Armed with a small camera, I took some pictures before we started work.

As you can see it is going to take a while before we can grow some veg.

After three hours, it looks quite a lot better, with most of the big stuff out. The 'Bank' that Lyn is standing on used to 
be where a couple of cars parked, we are hoping to use half of it for parking our car, and will return the rest to garden.

What you can't see in the first picture, is the new path the council made that serves two other plots to the side of ours.
They skimmed the grass, mud and rubbish off, to create the path, and dumped it on our plot !! Thank you very much 
Ferndown Town Council.

We managed to clear all that up too.
Another fine piece of council work. Notice there is only a holding stake at each end of the wooden path retainer.
The retainer is bowing already, and the path is disappearing into our plot, so I will have to put in a couple more stakes.

We hope to get a bit more done on the allotment tomorrow, weather permitting.
I thought I would have plenty to do anyway, when I retire from paid work in 10 weeks time. Lyn has seen to it that I will 
be even more busy !!

It has not been gardening weather, so I have not kept up the pictures and a few words on our garden blog.
We started off March with lots of cold and now lots of rain.
I have been repairing / replacing some of our fences and making storage shelving for our sales plants.
Today we woke up to more rain, at least it was just rain and not hail that we had yesterday afternoon. The rain today didn't stop till around 3pm.

This time last year I had power washed the paths in Lyn's garden and had started to repot our Brugmansias with fresh soil. At the moment the Brugmansias are putting on new growth in the conservatory, but it will be a while yet before they get repotted.

Crocus sieberi 'Sublimis'  beaten to the ground with the hail of yesterday.

But just 4 metres away, more Crocus that resisted the hail.

The first of the Erythronium to show buds, 

Phlox on our sales bench are growing well dispite the weather.

 And Narcissi especially the short ones, seem quite happy.

Fritillaria imperialis 'Rubra Maxima' showin flower buds.

And Phlox in the garden putting on new growth.

Clematis atragene 'Brunette' has lots of buds this year.