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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
June 2016

June 29th
Only four days to go till our open day on Sunday.
The weather is still not what we would like it to be, very up and down, when it has been sunny (not very often) it has been nice, with good tmperatures.
The last couple of days we have had rain and wind. I was hoping the Tithonias in the 'Exotic' garden would bein flower, nice big buds on them but needing more sun for them to open.
We had to change our first opening date this year to a week earlier than usual, as we wuld have clashed with Wimbledon finals day.

On Monday of this week we attended the Dorset National garden Scheme thank you meeting, held this year in the garden of Domineys Yard. If you are down in deepest Dorset, it is worth a look.
The weather was dry and some sun, I took about 100 photos.
The meeting is to thank the owners and up to two owners guests, for opening their gardens for the NGS.
We took Malcolm (Yes another Malcolm) and Val. For a long time now they have arranged and brought with them helpers, for our open days.
We could not open if wr didn't have helpers on the plant stall, kitchen and gate. It allows us to be free to answer questions from our visitors in the garden, of which there are many.

So cake making tomorrow and Friday, how many cakes to make is always a problem. How many people might come, what will the weather be like ??

Anomatheca laxa 

A Lily we don't know the name of, but a very nice one.

I have started taking pictures of the buds and the reverse of the flowers of Clematis.
It is su

June 17th
Lots of growth on the plants since my last posting, we have had about a week of nice weather, but the rest of the days has been mild but quite a lot of rain. Especially the last three days, with some torrential showers. Thankfully no hail.

The first of the Dahlias are in flower, about 20 Clematis, with a good amount of flower, the first Phlox today etc.
So just over a fortnight to go before our first open day of the Summer.
So far this month I have taken 340 photos of flowers in the garden. Ok some I took several, but here are just a few.

Clematis 'Hanagaruma' 

Clematis 'Hyde Hall' 

Clematis 'Fujimusume' 

Clematis 'Souvenir De Capitane Thuilleaux' 

Lilium  pumilium 

Iris sibirica 'Silver Edge' 

Dahlia 'Totally Tangerine' 

Geranium Rozanne

Gloriosa rothschildiana

Brugmansia sanguinea 
June 1st
At last all the plants are now in position in the 'Exotic' garden. The cool nights did drag on a bit during the first part of May which delayed us a bit.
The Dahlias in pots are growing well, and although the garden looks a bit bare at the moment, it will soon fill out.
Today is a 'Rice Crispy' day, there is quite a breeze from the north, and we have a belt of Pine trees about thirty metres away, on the edge of heathland.
The Rice Crispies I refer to are the seeds from the Pines, blowing off the tops of the trees into the garden.
Lyn's garden escapes, as the house roof is high enough to stop them.

Roses, Iris, Geraniums, Clematis and the first of the lilies have just started flowering in Lyn's garden.
Lots of tying in and putting in plant supports now.
We fed a lot of the climbers with blood fish and bone fertilizer in the Spring. The plants are looking a lot healthier this year, lots more buds, and growth from the base of the plants.

Clematis 'Souvenir De Capitane Thuilleaux' 

Iris 'Tigers Eye' 

Clematis 'Gillian Blades' 

Clematis 'Dawn'

A Pacific Coast type Iris we had given to us, we don't know its name

The first of the Lilies flowering