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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
June 2014

June 29th
Where has the momth gone? it seems to have gone so quick.
A lot of time was spent watering the garden during the hot weather, thankfully it's cooler at the moment.
We had a visit from a local group, a bit chaotic as there was a motorised wheelchair and several walker aids, had we been told we would have put down ramps for the steps in the garden and moved a few pots on the edges of the paths.
We have opened the garden for 14 years, during that time many people have sat on the backless bench on the patio, this time one person ended up on their back in the pots of plants behind the bench.
Lucky no damage done to the person.
So I decided to add a back to the bench to avoid that happening again.

The hot weather and warm Spring has brought the plants into flower very quickly this year, hopefully we will still have some colour in the garden in late August on our last open day.

In Lyn's garden
Campanula lactiflora 'Pritchards Variety' 

Eryngium bourgatii 'Graham Stuart Thomas' which will get more blue as time goes on.

Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana' 

Lilium pardalinum 'Giganteum' one of my favourites.

The patio in the Exotic garden today

And the bench now with a back on it !!

Isoplexis canariensis 

Delphiniums in Lyn's garden, each tied to it's own cane for support in any wind and rain.

The feature wall in Lyn's garden

Lilium martagon 'Claude Shride' 

June 13th
We where up a bit earlier this morning to prepare for the second visit from Thomson Tours, this time with a larger party of nine clients.
It was nice to have the cooler air of the morning for the visit.
We Don't usually open our Gardens till July, but this year having had a mild winter, everything was growing well and the Exotic plants had come out of their winter quarters earlier.
So we decided we would open.
The gardens are not in full flower yet, the first Dahlia flower opened up a few days ago in the 'Exotic' Garden along with a few Gazania which had survived the winter and the first of theLilies.
Lyn's garden had quite a lot more colour. I am sure our visitors could visualize the colour to come. We did hear the word 'Paradise' used several times.

So if you live in Germany and would like to join a tour next year, then contact Thomson Tours to make a booking, you will be well looked after by Marlies and Sandy.

Picture taken today, Marlies and Sandy hiding in the back row !

One of the plants that took the eye of the tour group today, Lilium martagon 'Terrace City' 

And Mimulus in the water feature, in the 'Exotic garden.

June 6th
What a wonderfull day it turned out to be, the sun was shining and the temperature was around 23c. Earlier this week the forecast had been for rain today.
Marlies and Sandy of Thomson Tours (second from right and first left) from Germany, arrived just after 3pm and we enjoyed showng them around our garden and having a chat. They will be returning again next Friday with another different group.

June 5th
As well as looking after our two gardens and allotment, we also do a bit of 'Gorilla' gardening.
It started a long time ago, Lyn used to have a lot of shrubs in her garden and when she either got fed up with them, or she redesigned her garden, some of the shrubs would end up being planted in the verge, between the main road and the service road outside our house.
Last Autumn we planted some Daffodil bulbs out there, and in the Spring some wild flower seeds.
Quite a few people have commented on how nice it looks. I have put a few photos below so you can see.
We also dug a strip at a layby further down the main road, and sowed wild flower seed, which are just about to come into flower.

We have our first visitors to the garden this year, arriving tommorow afternoon.
We have had garden holiday tour groups on several occasions, from Uk, Belgium, France and Sweden, to which we can now add Germany.
They will be at Compton Acres near Poole in the morning. A very large garden to our small one !!!

Gorilla Gardening, don't tell the council !!

We keep the grass cut as well.

The 'Exotic' garden is coming on well, although it doesn't have a lot of colour from the flowers yet, we need a bit more sun.

Ensete ventricosum 'Montbeliardii' gives some colour to the border, it doesn't stay outside in the winter.

Big to small plant, this is Roscoea cautleyoides 'Early Purple' 

And just three flowers on Brugmansia 'Dalens Glory' at the moment.

We sat out here for our dinner this evening, as usual we didn't stay long, always something else to do. How did we manage before
I retired from paid work ?

In Lyn's garden Clematis 'Rhapsody'  Not a very strong plant for us here. But a lovely colour.

A Centaurea in Lyn's garden, but I can't remember which one.