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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
June 2012

June 30th
Last day of a month, and another rather indifferent day for summer. Yes we have had some sun and it stayed dry, but temperature was nothing to write home about, mainly because of the strong wind again.
So into a new month, and it is a quite busy one for us, with two openings and several group visits. We have 19 large cakes to make this week, 5 for a group visit and 14 for the open day on the 8th July.
The weather for this week coming is still not settled, so we can only hope we get lucky.
The garden is looking quite good, several days of sunshine would make it even better, even the tomatoes in the greenhouse have tiny fruit on them, not surprising, and won't be helped by cool temperatures tonight. As I write this at 10.30pm the temperature outside is +12.9c.
I will still be adding to the picture blog during July, but it may be a bit more irregular.
Some pictures taken today

Part of The Exotic garden

Part of Lyn's cottage garden

June 28th
A very nice morning and early afternoon today, up to 26c for a while and humid, great weather for the Exotic plants.
But this afternoon the wind strengthened and the garden is in for another battering tomorrow, before the wind subsides over the weekend.

We could do without the wind damaging the plants again, as we have a private group arriving next Wednesday, then an open day on the following Sunday.
We have tried many ways of stopping the stems of Delphinium breaking off in the wind and heavy rain, and I think the only way is to provide a bamboo cane, and tying the growing stems loosely to the cane, all the way up.
Sometimes the stems grow higher than the cane we have used. Because the canes are hollow, it is quite easy to push a smaller stick inside the cane to make it higher.
Notice we paint the canes before using them, so they don't show so much. Once the flowers open the cane disappears behind.
We don't paint all the canes we use elsewhere in the garden !!.

Young Delphinium growth tied to the cane.                             The cane has disappeared now.

Delosperma dyeri available in various colours                     Dahlia 'Arabian night' 

Datura meteloides buds                                                          Datura meteloides flower

June 25th
As you may know, when I first started this 'Blog' in May 2010. I said I wanted to share some of the pictures I take in our garden, that would only stay on a hard drive.
This month so far, I have taken 500 pictures. So many more than what you see here, still stay on those hard drives. I can't really show any more than I do, because you may get bored, Or I will fill all the webspace we have to pay for, the latter won't happen for some time yet.

Ipomoea purpurea 'Lazy luxe' One of an assortment of different coloured Ipomoea raised from seed.

Ipomoea purpurea 'Lazy luxe' another of the different colours

I know I am not artistic, but this was my attempt at illustrating a few scenes in the exotic garden.

Campanula lactiflora 'Pritchards Variety' 

Geranium 'Splish splash' 

Dahlia 'Moonfire' 

June 23rd
Dry and fairly sunny today. Lyn planted the last of the plants she bought at Hardys Cottage Garden plants last week. Then she carried on with putting extra supports on plants in the garden.
Only another 11 days before our first private visitors of the season arrive. Tomorrow as the forecast is for rain in the morning, we will be getting all the chairs and tables down from our loft, and then store them in our shed ready for use.
Later this week it will be time to put our garden opening signs up around Ferndown. Yesterday we bought the last of the ingredients for making the 19 large cakes which will be required for the private visit and also our first open day of this year. July is going to be a busy month for us.

Salvia sylvestris 'Bluehill' 


Clematis 'The Vagabond' 

June 21st
After a welcome two days of sunshine, it is back to rain again today, and cool too.
I think our private visits and two openings in July, are going to be a lottery for decent weather.
The two days of sun has certainly brought a few more plants into flower and a lot more flower buds are there waiting to burst open.
Looking at last years blog for June, I think the garden is about two weeks later this year.
Here are a few pictures taken yesterday in the sun.

Gazania 'Totonaca' one of the 'Sunbather' series. Lyn brought me this plant yesterday, during a visit to a nursery with a friend.
The flowers are about 5 inches or 12cm across.

Rosa 'Just Joey'

Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum' 

Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' 

June 17th
The last two days have been very windy, so a few plants needed some more support, which was the first job of the day.
Suddenly Lyn called me to come and see FOUR Stag beetles near our back gate. I rushed indoors to get my camera.
We normally see just one or two every year, never four.
When I got to the back gate Lyn said that they were mating, and indeed they were.
There was one female and three males.
If you have never seen a Stag beetle before, to get some idea of their size, look at the one I had in my hand.
The beetles like old wood piles, which we don't have. But 100 metres away on the edge of the common, there are many piles of decaying wood.
So I picked all four beetles up in my hand and walked to the common, and left them to do what they wanted to do, in peace !

Male and female Stag beetle

Male stag beetle

Salvia microphylla 'Hot lips'

Geranium 'Rozanne' 

Geranium himalyense 'Baby blue' although I am not sure why it is this colour, I will investigate tomorrow.

Trollius europaeus

Aquilegia seedling ?

Lyns garden near the 'well'. (Not a real one).

June 14th
Today was one of those rare times we both had a day off. We went on a coach trip organized by the Local Hardy Plant Society, to The Manor House, Upton Grey near Basingstoke. And on the way back we called in to Hardys Cottage Garden Plants.
Take a look at the pictures I took on the trip. Click

June 9th
The wind and rain did arrive yesterday, with gusts up to 47mph at the airport just a few miles away. We were lucky to only sustain shattered banana leaves, lots of bruised Brugmansia flowers and leaves, and sadly one of Lyn's Delphinium spikes broke.
So a bit of tidying up today now the wind has abated. And I have just about finished setting up the Exotic garden. All we need now is some sun and warmth, but we won't get it this coming week. So we may not have as much colour in the garden for the first visitors from a garden club in early July.

On the Exotic patio the plants need a bit more growth to merge together, and of course to flower. Picture taken late this afternoon.

Slightly different view of the patio.                                            Banana, Bamboo and Echium.

Roscoea cautleyoides 'Early Purple' which we bought in 2010.

And in Lyn's garden Astrantia maxima 

A Bumble bee on a Lupin.

Shield bug, not sure which one of many Shield bugs it is, will have to look it up.

And one of the Bougainvillea in the conservatory.

June 7th
Rain for most of the day and the wind is starting to come in gale force gusts. I have been moving a few of the Brugmansias to more shelter nearer the house and have tied down the rest.
The Musa basjoo banana leaves are getting a good shredding too, can't do much about that.
And the Brugmansias won't look as good as the ones pictured below, when the storm has finally died out.
We had exactly the same weather conditions last year, on June 11th.

June 5th
Very little done in the garden today, the rain arrived about 11.45am. But I did take the pictures below, in the grey light before the rain.

Brugmansia candida 'Bergkonigin'                     Brugmansia 'Dalens Glory'                          Brugmansia 'Herzenbrucke' 

Brugmansia 'Yellow' we don't know the name.

Astrantia 'Venice' with Alliums.                                                  Clematis 'Louise Rowe' 
June 4th
What a difference a week makes, the temperature was just 14.5c today, compared to last week when we had twice as hot at 29c in the exotic garden. Started the day today with my shorts on, by dinner time I had trousers.
Plant stall is just about finished, looks like we repotted 125 plants that needed to go into bigger 3 litre pots, and loads of plants that just needed a tidy up.

Part of Lyn's front garden early this evening, just after I had watered it. Rain forecast for all day tomorrow.

The same view 2 days earlier in June last year 2011. You can see there was more growth on the plants last year.

June 3rd
We spent the day doing all sorts of jobs in the garden, but we haven't finished the plant stall yet.
The 'green' time in the garden has finished, and some of the summer flowers are starting to open. I reckon the garden is probably a week later than last year.

Thalictrum aquilegifolium and Rosa 'Dublin bay'           Knautia macedonica 'Melton pastels' and Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus 

Iris sibirica 'Sparkling Rose'                                                     Iris 'Silvery Beauty' 

An Iris we don't know the name of.                                   Iris 'Best Bet'

June 2nd

It is only another 5 weeks before our first open day this year, so we have been sorting out the plants on the plant stall. It has taken us a day and a half and we have not quite finished.
So I now have also been able to set out more plants in the exotic garden, as a temporary storage area for sale plants, has now been cleared.

All the fleeces we used for protecting plants from frost have now been folded up and stored away. Which gives me more room in my shed, however the extra space won't last because all the tables and chairs we need for open days will have to come down from our loft, and be stored in my shed.

Rosa 'Zephirine Drouhin' 

Hosta 'Remember me'

Geranium 'Elke' 

Allium 'Christophii'