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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
July 2014


July 30th
Our Wednesday open afternoon turned out to be a bit hot for lots of visitors, it was 26c in the garden.
We had put up an extra sail in the 'Exotic' garden to give more shadefrom the hot sun.
There where a few early visitors waiting to get in to the garden, usually to get the best choice of plants on the plant stall.
By 3pm there was a queue in the 'Exotic' garden, and all the extra seating in our sitting room !! had been taken for refreshments.
But after about 4pm it had gone very quiet.
We ended up with 85 visitors in the 3 hours we were open, which was the lowest attendance ever on the 8 Wednesday afternoons we have opened.
Visitors that did come to our garden where about 70% first timers. So quite a few new faces.
Thank you very much to all of you that did come to the garden.

July 25th
I haven't posted anything on this page for a while, it has been very hot, up to 30c. Watering the garden and allotment has become a bit of a chore everyday.
We took 125 litres of water to the allotment in Lyn's car this afternoon, and used it all. We then noticed there were a few darker clouds beginning to shade us from the sun.
About 10 minutes later when we arrived back home, a few spots of rain started to fall.
We only just got in before the heavens opened, it  poured down for about 25 minutes, we had a flood about 25mm deep in the back garden.
After the rain stopped the breeze dropped to dead calm, the temperature dropped too, which was very nice after the heat we have had.

Just 5 days to go before our Wednesday open afternoon, which looks like will be a dry day, we look forward to you visiting us.

Picture of Lyn's front garden taken just after the heavy rain stopped.

Ipomoea indica and Oleander.

Ipomoea Indica, which is a tender perenial

Thunbergia alata 'African Sunset' 

Gazania Sunbather series.

Rudbeckia Autumn shades, grown from seed

Just a view towards the Aviary

Colocasia leaf. They have grown well this year with all the sun and plenty of added water.

Part of the 'Exotic' garden.

Ricinus communis 

And now in Lyn's garden looking towards the feature wall.

Phlox, Monarda and Lily, the Canna is actually a sale plant in a pot near the sales bench.

Phlox paniculata 'Peppermint Twist' 

July 14th
We had good weather yesterday, for our first open day this summer. Not too hot like last year, just a bit humid, especially in the 'Exotic' garden which is more enclosed than Lyn's garden.

We opened at 11am with a few people waiting outside to get in. There is always a rush to the plant stall, in fact it is usually the first place to visit just after you come through the front gate.
Lyn's garden is the first to be seen after the buying of plants, two ways to go, down the front path or across the lawn. Some people are unsure if they should walk on the lawn, of course you can that is what it is there for.
You will probably catch a glimpse through the brick arch, of the 'Exotic' garden, but there is still plenty more to be seen in Lyn's garden. Lyn is usually in her garden to answer questions, of which there are often many.
Again that is why we are in the garden petty well all the time we are open, we don't just hide !

Meanwhile I get a bit of a rest after all the hectic last minute preparations before we can open the gate.

Having seen Lyn's garden there starts a line of visitors making their way through the mosaic lined passage, and Moorish keyhole door, (actually made from plywood)  into MY garden.
The choice is then should they go for the tea and cake first or see the garden. There is usually (we have been caught out in the past) plenty of cake, I made something like 130 slices for this open day, but the choice will diminish as the day goes on.

By the end of the day 5pm we had recieved 187 visitors, for which we were very happy. As far as we know the furthest anyone travelled to see our garden, was from Birmingham, unbeleivable really, but thank you, hope you enjoyed the garden,

We did have another long distance traveller, from Canada, she is a friend of one of our helpers who is the first person you will see when visiting our garden. He takes your money for the entrance fee. Another Malcolm but this time Malcolm 2.
Writing here about our helpers, we must also thank the other nine that helped on the plant stall and in the Kitchen, serving the tea and cake and washing up, most have helped us for many years now, we couldn't open without our helpers.

So a good day, and we look forward to our next opening which is just an afternoon on Wednesday July 30th from 2pm till 5pm.

July 7th
Quite heavy rain this morning for about 20 minute, very localised, just one mile away no rain at all.

The gardens are about 2 weeks earlier than last year, not a problem in the 'Exotic' garden as most of the plants will keep flowering till we cut them down a bit to bring under cover at the end of the season.
I did do a bit of watering with the hose today, not as much as I normally do.
We had a visit from some of the members of the Hardy Plant Isle of Wight group last Friday, they did say how healthy the plants looked, the watering helps, so the plants are not stressed.

Just 6 days left before the open day, but we did have one couple arrive a week early, they said they thought it was a bit quiet when they arrived !!

A young plant of Brugmansia 'Sunset', which I grew from one of our cuttings.

A closer look reveals more than 36 flowers (not all in this picture)

Fuchsia 'Display' 

Brugmansia sanguinea with Cautleya spicata and Ipomoea.

July 1st

Only 12 days to go before our first open day of our garden this year.
We have been buying ingredients for the cakes we will be making and on Sunday morning early, we put up our advertising signs round Ferndown.

The weather has been good for quite a while now, lots of sunshine, which has helped bring 3 of the Oleanders into flower, with lots of buds others.
Watering the garden takes up about one and a half hours a day. If we don't water, then by our last open day towards the end of August, then some of the plants will have given up with the heat.
Same as at the allotment, no water down there, we have to transport water to supplement what we have collected in rain water butts down there.
We will be eating the first Runner beans in about 5 days time, and back here in the greenhouse I picked the first two Tomatoes.

Dahlia 'Anne Breckenfelder' 

Nerium oleander 'Single Pink' 

On nearly all the trunks of plants in the garden we trail up climbing plants, here on 'Banana' trunks.

Dahlia 'Tally Ho' 

For several weeks we have had the wonderfull scent of the flowers on our small Lemon tree.

Strelitzia reginae 

Cautleya spicata 

Dahlia 'Knockout' 

Dahlia 'Poeme' 

Dahlia 'Giselle' 

Heliopsis 'Summer nights' 

Heliopsis 'Summer nights' against a blue sky, hopefully the sky will be blue for our open days.