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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
July 2013

July 31st
Our Wednesday open afternoon.
No sun today, drizzle early am, we where a bit unsure how many visitors we would have today, and worried we would have lots of cake left over.
We should have opened the gate at 2.00pm, but at 1.45pm several people had arrived, so we opened up.
A slowish start for 20 minutes, then lots of visitors. Many first timers and some regulars. Lots of questions asked, that is why we are both in the garden.
By 3pm it was very busy, not long after a cry from the kitchen that they where running out of cake, a spare one was found, then Lyn was summoned to fill some standby shortbread scones with Strawberry jam and cream.
By 5pm just one slice of cake remained, and we had seen 105 visitors in the three hours.
Not a record by any means, but a reasonable total for a dull weather day,at least it was dry.

I couldn't take any pictures during the open afternoon. So the ones below are from the day after, which was sunny. 
For those that could not come, this is what you missed.
For those that did come, thank you very much, it is you that help to raise money that is used by the many charities that the National Garden Scheme support. And of course it keeps us happy to continue opening our garden.

Malcolms Garden

Lyn's Garden

July 20th
It has continued to be very hot during the week, every afternoon I have been watering the garden, and every evening we have taken water to the allotment.
We had a visit from a writer and a photographer yesterday, I won't say anymore until we know the article will be, or has been published.
Meanwhile it is just a matter of keeping the garden up together. I potted up 10 Echium pininana that we grew from seed, they are now just under a metre tall, but won't flower till next year. So we will have to protect them from frost over winter.
The bees love the flowers on the Echiums, and it is an early food source for them.

From the Exotic garden
Osteospermum 'Sunbrella'

Brugmansia 'Dalens Glory' the new flowers open to a yellowish colour then turn white.

Not really an 'Exotic' plant, but I liked it for it's clear colours, and the name.  Hemerocallis 'Exotic love' 

Dahlia 'Anne Breckenfelder' 

Now in Lyn's garden.
Lilium leichtlinii 

Phlox maculata 'Monica Lynden Bell' 

A clash too much ?

Phlox paniculata 'Peppermint Twist' 

Hemerocallis 'Mallard' 

Delphinium 'Carol Fishenden' 

More Delphinium beside the path to the front door.

The front gate.

Back into the 'Exotic' garden.
Looking down the path to the bird aviary.

And after all the watering and taking of pictures, a nice cold drink on the patio.

July 15th
It wasn't a very good open day yesterday, much too hot at 29c registered in the back garden.
So we didn't get lots of visitors, 142 to be precise. But those that did come had plenty to see and a bit more room than on some of our previous open days.
We had lots of nice comments about the garden, some said it was better than when they had been before.
We also had a lot of people that had never been to the garden before, including a lady from New Zealand, yes I know she had not come, just to see our garden.
She had seen our garden website, and had decided to visit us while she was in England.

One of the plants that people liked was Dahlia 'Pooh' 

Also Salvia microphylla 'Hot lips' was liked and we sold about 5 plants that Lyn had raised from cuttings last year.

Not a star of the show, as it hasn't quite opened yet, but probably will, for our end of the month open afternoon,
Strelitzia reginae 

Eryngium bourgatii 'Picos Amethyst' we had quite a lot which we grew from seed.

Clematis integrifolia 'Alionushka' I didn't hear mentioned, but it was showing well.

A plant I bought many years ago Hemerocallis 'Exotic love' 

July 13th
Open day tomorrow, and it looks like it is going to be a hot day again.
We had 29.8c late afternoon today. And have watered the garden as much as we could early this evening before heading out in Lyn's car to put out our road direction signs to the garden.
We then popped into the allotment to water some of the veg. We are just starting to pick Runner Beans, Courgette we have been picking for about 10 days and we have plenty of lettuce.

It will be an early start in the morning, cakes to fill will be the first job after breakfast. I hope we have a good attendance, I am hoping for 180+ but the 'too good weather' might deter some, although Lyn's garden is quite shady, and mine has some artificial shade and the conservatory has blinds and a fan.

A picture taken from the bedroom window of Part of Lyn's garden, last night just before the sun went down.

Back down in Lyn's garden at plant level, this afternoon. Looking toward the plant stall.

Part of the plant sales stall.

July 9th
Very slightly cooler today, during which we had a small private group visit us.
The allotment is bearing up well despite the very hot sun, we are taking lots of water down each day to keep it going.
Lyn picked the first runner bean today, it was a bit small though. I reckon we will have runner beans coming out of our ears in about 10 days time.

Lilium martagon 'Claude Shride' not particularly liking the hot weather.

Several pictures of the 'exotic' garden in late afternoon.

A flower bud of Strelitzia reginae not long to go before it opens. Probably not in time for our open day this coming Sunday.

The moorish door and window.

Lilium 'Eurydike' 

July 7th
Just under 30c today in the Exotic garden, hope it will be a bit cooler for the open day in a weeks time.

Lyn was on Radio Solent today, during part of 'The Good Life'. She was on for about 12 minutes.
If you want to hear her, you will have to be quick as it is only online for 7 days. Unless you want to hear all the program, you will need to go to about 1 hour and 5 minutes into the program, just after the news and weather.
Here is the link 
BBC Radio Solent Good Life.

It did reach 29.7 not long after I took this picture. The 27c is the temperature indoors

Campanula lactiflora 'Pritchards Variety' 

Lots of colour beginning to show

All the pictures today are from Lyn's garden

Lilium pardalinum 'Giganteum' grows well in our garden.

And here a closer look

The tall yellow flowered plant is Thalictrum flavum subsp. glaucum 

Campanula lactiflora 'Pritchards Variety' again, near the 'Well' feature.

July 6th
Well the temperature has been around the 25c mark in the afternoon, for the last three days.
Lots of watering to do, including of course the allotment. I was pleased to see bumble bees visiting the runner bean flowers, and even more pleased to see tiny beans forming as well.
All the chairs and tables, cups and saucers and much more, for the open days, are stored in the roof of our house.
First thing this morning we got some of it out, I have a pulley and rope system set up so I can lower it from the roof, down to Lyn.
We have already bought most of the ingredients for the cakes, as usual it is a job to guess how many we should make. We have decided on 11 for the first open day on 14th July.

So next week is going to be a busy one, but it should be a bit easier now I am retired.
Talking of retirement. I hadn't heard anything from the Department of Work and Pensions, and was getting a bit worried. I hadn't a clue that you have to put in a claim for the state pension to be paid, either online, by post or ring them.
I decided to ring them, as it was only 25 days before I reached 65. It was an easy process and took about 15 minutes, probably easier to do than online forms to fill in.

Easy is not the word to use however for the Personal pension I have been paying in to the 'Pru'. I still have not had a quote from them on how much they might pay me, despite phoning them and waiting, listening to crappy music for nearly 20 minutes, then being passed to two different departments, eventually to be told it would be sent to me first class post. That was 3 days ago, still nothing.

At the risk of you disappearing from this page having come to read something about gardening.

Vodafone have been another problem. All I wanted to do is change from pay monthly to pay as you go. Ok the website says I can go to one of their shops. Which I did, about 8 miles away, and pay nearby for a car park.
Can't do it here they said, you need to ring 191 on your mobile and choose option 3. So back home I came, and phoned, sorry we can't do it, you need to use an email form.
After 3 emails to India and back, using 3 different Indian customer support operatives, over 3 days, I can in a months time, get on to pay as you go. Hopefully.

Sorry if I have bored you, how about a few more pictures.

Something that has been enjoyable this last week, the scent from the flowers on our small lemon tree.

Isoplexis canariensis 

Buds forming on one of the Oleanders. I have high hopes that we will get flowers on all the Oleanders this year.
Apparently they need about 7 hours of sun each day, to flower well. Needless to say, last year we had very few flowers.

Salvia microphylla 'Hot lips' enjoying the sun. If the weather is cold the flowers loose the white colouring.

July 2nd
Cool and dull today, but the forecast for the weekend and beyond is hot or very hot.
Not too hot on our first open day of the year I hope in 11 days time.

The second Stag Beetle of the summer in the garden. The red dot on it is some water paint I put on, as I like to
 see how far they travel, and to know it is a different one, to the previous one I found which I marked green.

Salvia microphylla 'Hot lips'

A picture taken yesterday when it was sunny, of what is actually 'My shed' which is at the side of the patio.