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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
February 2016


February 28th
At least we have had some dry days, but with a cold wind and a few minus temperatures at night.
I measured the soil temperature at +7.9c this afternoon, so plants should not be growing much in the garden.
But they are. The Phlox have good growth and more Lilies appearing above ground.
We always log in our garden diary when the 'Lollipop' tree in the back garden starts to show green leaves bursting from buds.
They have started now, which is three days earlier than last year.
Although our winter so far this year, has been fairly mild but cloudy, I guess the day length, has more to do with the growth.

Over the last week or two, we have started to sow seed in the propagator, earlier than last year as we were on holiday at that time.
I guess soon we will be overwhelmed with seedlings. All very well to sow them, they don't take up much room.
But once potted up into individual pots, that is where the problem starts.

About six months ago Lyn came up with the idea of moving house !!!!!.
With Lyn in her 70s and myself in later 60s I can't imagine building a new garden, and what about all the plants we have here in the garden.
Lyn said, well you could get a low loader to transport them !!!.
At the moment it has gone quiet. I am not bringing the subject back up.

Part of the 'Exotic' garden looking very bare at the moment. But the new wall and fence panels look 
good, I reckon.

The colours behind show up the plants.

In Lyn's garden plants are coming through, the labels won't show for much longer, and the obelisks 
and fences will disappear under the growing Clematis.

Fritillaria imperialis 'Rubra Maxima'. We have to keep an eye out for Lily beetle, as they like 
Frittilaria as well as Lilies.

Phloxes are going well too, later they will probably get the 'Chelsea chop'.

February 20th
We had some very strong winds here about ten days ago, and a fence in Lyn's garden sustained three broken posts.
We had been patching the fence up for quite a while. So decided to renew all five panels.
It was only a few weeks ago that I had finished a 22 metre wall and fence panel replacement in my garden. So wasn't particularly motivated to have to do this one.
After installing five concrete posts and gravel boards, and painting two coats on each side of the five panels, I was pleased it was finished, hopefully no more to do with fences for a while.

The garden is showing good signs of new growth, and we have had a few dry sunny but cool days, so that has helped.
We are about three quarters of the way through checking the 1100 different plants in the garden against the database I try to keep.
Plants we can see are alive get a tick, but of course there are plenty not showing yet, so they get a L against the entry, meaning just a label at the moment.
We will revisit again a bit later to see if those Ls can get a tick.

Crocus sieberi 'Sublimis' 

Rosa 'White Wedding' a new plant, only been in the garden about 3 weeks, against the new wall.

Galanthus nivalis  enjoying the cool damp weather

Narcissus 'Jet fire' 

Pittosporum tobira in the conservatory, shouldn't be flowering yet.

And in the 'Exotic' garden one of the Echium pininana grown from seed last Spring.
Looks like it will have to grow a lot more before it will flower.