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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
February 2015

February 25th
February has been quite a cold month this year, certainly compared to last year. Until about a week ago there hadn't been much growth on the plants emerging from hibernation.
Some of the Crocus flowering was cut short with a few days of rain, most really don't like the wet on the flowers.
We now have a few Lilies bursting through the soil, so must keep a lookout for any Lily beetle from now onwards.
I had to divide some of the Miscanthus a few weeks ago, as they were getting to big, and found a colony, well about 7 Lily beetles hidden in the very centre of the plant, obviously they had been over wintering there.
They didn't live to see the Spring.

Every year we cut the neighbours hedge, we use it to grow Clematis up !!. A few of the trimmings fall on our side and need to be cleaned up.
To avoid standing on the flower beds, several years ago I made up a long bench about 45cm tall, with two legs at each end.
I can then position one end at the far side of the flower bed and the other on the lawn.
After clearing some of the trimmings and also cutting some dead wood from a Rose, I walked back along the bench, as I have done many times, and it collapsed on one side!!
I fell just missing Lyn who was bent down picking up more of the trimmings from the lawn.

Luckily I fell on the lawn, my elbow must have contacted the lawn first, and then the side of my head, fortunately no injury sustained.
I was not far away from the brick edge to the lawn, which obviously would have been more of a problem.
Minutes later I was repairing the bench so it shouldn't happen again.

Crocus tommasinianus 'Roseus' before the rain.

One I am not sure of the name

Narcissus 'Spring Dawn' 

Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' 

Brugmansia sanguinea in the conservatory with many more tender plants. Heated to a minimum of plus 8c

Like this Bougainvillea.

And this Jasminum officinale

And a week or so ago, outside,