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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
December 2010

December 29th
A few days off work has allowed me to add more plant pictures to our slide show called GENUS. This now shows each of 47 different genus of plants we have in the garden. This is not all of the plants we have here, as it is not worth just showing one ore two pictures of a particular genus of plants.
So if you have not seen these slide shows before, just click here
Genus slide show   If you have any problems with the slide show, please let me know on the email address at the top of this page.

I have also removed quite a few older pages from our garden website, I don't think pictures from 2003 etc are particularly relevant now.
Several pages with pictures, titled Campanula, Phlox etc have also been removed. They have been replaced by our Genus slide show.

I try to keep the website up to date as much as possible, if we lose a plant or add more to the garden, it will be much easier to include or remove them from the
Plant guide and Genus Slide show.

December 25th

Christmas night in the garden ! I didn't stay too long as it was minus 6c

December 23rd
Nothing much to show for the last couple of weeks, quite a bit of snow and very cold. So far this month we have only had one night without freezing temperatures.


December 9th
We have had 16 nights in a row of minus temperatures, and day temperatures of below or just above freezing, so not much to show in the garden.
I thought I would show what we do, to protect the tender plants from all this winter cold.

The Conservatory Heated to +9c with all our standard trained Brugmansias, a couple of Bananas, the Bougainvilleas, Ipomoea indica, Hibiscus and other plants, to many to list them all.

The Greenhouse   Heated to +7c the Cannas are in pots under the staging, a Brugmansia sanguinea (in flower), two of the Oleanders, an orange and a lemon tree, Aeoniums, another Banana, Fuchsias, Strelitzia reginae, Washingtonia robusta and loads more I won't bore you with.

The Passage  between our house and sheds, not heated at all but the plants do get some heat from the house wall. Some of the plants we shelter there are Salvias, the Dahlias in pots, lilies in pots, the more hardier Fuchsias and plants we are growing on from bare root such as Phlox.

The Aviary and two of the temporary shelters     The Aviary (in the centre of the picture) is heated to +12c  One (of the) two Banana shelters (on the right) is heated to +1c just to stop them freezing and the shelter to the left of the aviary is not heated and houses Agapanthus in pots, just to keep the worst of the frost off.

And here are  Brugmansia cuttings growing on for selling next year on our open days. They are in the conservatory, growing under their "parents", from which we took the cuttings.

December 2nd
Snow arrived last night, about 75 to 100mm deep. Like the frosts this winter, it has arrived early.

View of Lyn's garden from above

The "Well" and front path in Lyn's garden