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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
December  2015

December 24th
For the last 3 weeks I have been very busy in the garden, in between the rain and winds.
The 'Ferndown Wall' is being built !
Well it's in the garden to be truthful.
The wall is about 22 metres long and 1 metre tall, and has a 1 metre tall fence panel on top.
It all came about because the fence panels between us and our neighbour had been patched up for several years, and finally a gale blew one of the panels out.
I ordered 174 concrete blocks, 11 fence panels, 20 bags of sand, 20 of ballast and 8 bags of cement. All of that had to be barrowed in to the back and front garden as soon as possible as it was delivered on to the pavement outside our gate.
I set about digging out some shallow footings between the existing concrete fence posts, then built up the walls, and when dry rendered and painted the walls.
The fence panels were delivered soaking wet. It has been quite a job drying them out ready for painting, the weather has not been kind.
Anyway, I have not quite finished painting the last 3 panels, and rendering 6 metres of the wall.

In the back 'Exotic' garden we had built some of the same type of walls and panels about 10 years ago, between us and our other neighbour, which has lasted very well, apart from painting the panels and walls every couple of years.

It is still very mild here, but very dull and quite wet. We have only had two minus temperatures at night this winter. There are a couple of Roses and Iris reticulata in flower, and I saw several Lilies just showing above ground yesterday.

Four of the wall sections complete in the 'Exotic' garden, well it is 'Exotic' in the summer, when all the plants come out
of their winter quarters.

Three more sections of wall/fence to complete in Lyn's garden.