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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
December 2012

December 24th
Yesterday I started pruning the Clematis, it takes a while to do all 100+ of them. I did manage to get back out again this afternoon after the rain stopped and prune a few more.
Yes I know it is Christmas Eve, but the weather over the Christmas and New year period is not supposed to be very good. I can't st around watching Christmas TV for too long.
Another job to do in the garden is to replace the broken plant labels, before the plants get growing too big.
Happy Christmas to all who may be reading this.

December 22nd
Christmas in Lyn and Malcolms Garden (well Lyns really).

December 21st
Lots of rain yesterday with flooding in some places, but today it was quite sunny but it felt very damp outside.
I can't remember having so much condensation in the greenhouse as we have had so far this winter.
Just a few pictures taken in the garden this afternoon.

Phylostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' in the 'exotic' garden

Buds on Clematis anshunensis 

Baby seedlings of
Eryngium bourgatii 'Graham Stuart Thomas' sown in October.

Narcissus 'Martinette' leaves showing already.

Snowdrop leaves just appearing.

Gerbera 'Everlast' series in the conservatory.

One of the Bougainvillia in the conservatory flowering, even though we only heat the conservatory to plus 9c

December 18th
December so far has had 10 frosts, last year in the whole of December we only had 4.
I think all the tender plants from the Exotic garden are coping alright in their winter, protected quarters.
The seed of Eryngium bourgatii 'Graham Stuart Thomas' that we sowed straight from the plant in October, have germinated well, in a seed tray of gritty soil, covered with a clear plastic sheet left out in the open.
There is no sign of any of the Thalictrum sown at a similar time to the Eryngium.
Last weekend I tipped out all the Lilies that are in pots, removed all the soil from the bulbs, and replanted them in new soil. We do this every year in case there are any Vine Weevil eating the roots. We didn't find any this year.

Just a couple more days till the shortest day, then we can look forward to Snowdrops and Daffodils, I can't wait to see things wake up in the garden again.