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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
August 2013

August 31st
Wall to wall blue sky again today. I finished brick edging a small path in Lyn's garden, through one of her larger flower beds, originally it was edged with wood, which had rotted away.
It looks much better now. Only a few butterflies about in the garden today, but we did see a Humming bird hawk moth on Thursday.

Gentiana asclepiadea flowering now.

Mirabilis jalapa flowering well in the sun.

Mirabilis jalapa in another colour

Mirabilis jalapa again

Ipomoea indica It really is that colour. After about 6 years with this plant we thought we had lost it last winter.
Luckily we hadn't. It is a tender perennial, sometimes it is easy to take cuttings, other times difficult.

Brugmansia 'Dalens Glory' a white flower, just beginning to open, when it will turn white.

Rhodochiton atrosanguineus The only plant we managed to grow from seed this year. We grow them every year
They are not easy to grow from seed, this year was almost impossible for some reason.

Brugmansia 'Dalens Glory' now with flowers open.

The 'Exotic' garden. Everything growing well. You can hardly see Lyn's head, as she reads a newspaper.

Brugmansia 'Ecuador Pink' another Brug with lots of flower buds.

Phlox 'Utopia' A late Phlox at it's peak of flowering.

You can just see the new brick edging to the path I finished this morning.

August 23rd
We have had a very slight rest from all the activity in the garden this week.
It has been very obvious that the nights are now creeping up on us, but the days are still very pleasant, as I write this at 10pm the temperature outside is still 19.5c.

We had a lot of visitors ask how old the standard fuchsia was, that I grew from a cutting. It is about 13 years old.

Very few Brugmansias were in flower on our last open day. Dalens Glory had quite a few buds, as did several others.
By the end of next week I think we are in for a good show of flowers.

Asarina 'Jewel' Another plant raised from seed sown in January. Caught the eye of our visitors.

Several people asked if this plant was a Fuchsia, it is a tuberous Begonia, Lyn thinks it is Begonia Inspiration.

Tithonias attracted lots of admirers. We grew these from seed planted in a propagator in January.

Dahlia 'Monfire' in dappled light.

Looking back at the patio, hard to believe we live near a busy road.

Ensete ventricosum 'Montbeliardii' (centre of picture), surrounded by Colocasia, Echium, Washingtonia and 
Brugmansia, to name a few.

Sauromatum 'Venosum' showing it's strange shaped leaves.

Lobelia 'Tupa'

Buds on Hibiscus 'Newbiscus Mauvelous' . Always quite late to flower, cant wait for the gaudy pink flowers which are
about 15cm (6 inches) across.

Lilium 'Miss Feya'. A new lily in the garden this year.

August 18th
Our last open day this year, and we missed the showers that were a few miles north of us.
We had 243 visitors, helped by the full page article that was in the Mail on Sunday just 2 weeks before we opened.
I believe some visitors traveled for 3 hours to come to the garden. Thanks to everyone who came.
The plant stall is pretty bare now, and of the 132 slices of cake we made, only 3 remained, so we won't get fat on those!!.
No pictures taken by me, as we were so busy answering questions about the garden and the plants.

We also would like to thank our helpers, six of them today, it would be impossible for us to open without their help in manning the kitchen, plant stall and at the gate.
We will be opening the garden again next year, all being well. It will be the 14th year.

August 13th
With our last open day of the summer rapidly approaching, our thoughts are on the weather.
At the moment it looks like some rain will clear through on Sunday morning about 4am, leaving a breezy day with sunny intervals.
Well that would be fine for the opening.

I seem to be very busy, although now retired. The garden takes up a good deal of the time, also a visit to the allotment every day to water and pick the abundant crops that are growing at a pace.
We have runner and French beans, coming out of our ears, talk about "Five a Day" we are certainly getting our share of veg.
Tonight on our dinner plate, we had Salad Potatoes, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoe and French beans, all from the allotment.

We did get 2 or 3 hours away on Sunday, taking pictures of butterflies, on Martin Down, near Sixpenny Handley. It was quite breezy when we got out of the car, and we thought we might not see many.
But searching out places that had shelter from the wind paid off, as you will see in some of the pictures below.

Oleanders have been flowering well this summer, apparently they need 7 hours of sunshine a day to flower at their best.

Lyn's garden from our bedroom window today.

And here are some of the Butterfly pictures I took at Martin Down. I am not going to name them all, as I am not sure
on all of them.


Small Copper

It was quite a job getting a picture of this Frittilary. The Ragwort it was on was blowing in the wind, I managed to hold 
the ragwort with one hand and use the camera with the other, without frightening off the Frittilary.

August 5th
Yesterday we had a full page feature of the garden in The Mail On Sunday.
It was titled "SEPARATE BEDS, THE SECRET OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE." He's got an Exotic plot at the back of the house. And she's got a traditional Cottage garden at the front.
Martyn Cox visited us with a photographer, a couple of weeks ago, just in time for the write up to be in print before our last open day for this year.

Ipomoea lindheimeri 'Fragrant sky'  I have not detected any scent from it yet.

Lilium 'Presidente' 

Phlox paniculata 'Eva Cullum' 

Lilium 'Tiger Woods' 

Thalictrum delavayi 'Album' 

Dahlia 'Mystic Fantasy (Hawaian Dreams)' which Lyn bought me, for the Exotic garden.