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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
April 2015


April 27th
After enjoying the warm sun over the last 2 weeks, it has got decidedly cooler. We recorded 0c last night, I had put fleece over most of the tender plants that I had evicted from the greenhouse a few days ago.
We wanted the room in the greenhouse to bring on small plants which we have grown from seed.
Never enough room here, would like to have a bigger garden. But age, and can you imagine having to transport most of the plants we have here, to a new garden we would have to make.
I don't think it will happen.
Anyway here are a few more photos from the garden.

Clematis macropetala 'Lagoon'  Just opening.

Clematis macropetala 'Lagoon' 

Crinodendron hookerianum Once again lots of buds this year, and growing well in our sandy soil.

I can't remember the name of this common fern, will ask Lyn !!

Omphalodes cappadocica 'Starry eyes'

Hosta 'Remember me' 

Ricinus 'New Zealand Purple' In the greenhouse after the eviction of other plants due to room required

Clematis macropetala 'Markhams pink' 

Brunfelsia pauciflora A lovely flower but the leaves always look terrible. We have fried different soil, feeding it with
different foods, and placing it in shade or partial shade.
If anyone is more successful than we are, please tell us how.

April 11th
It's all go in the garden, yesterday I power washed the paths in the Exotic garden.
Today was spent potting up Brugmansia cuttings, mowing the lawns and feeding them. Painting some of the brickwork edging, Moving Dahlia plants in pots that have been putting up shoots while in a warm place and now need to get plenty of light to make bushy plants. And moving the Washingtonia robusta plants into their summer positions.
Are we going to get any more frosts? well I am not sure yet, so not being too adventurous, and keeping fleece at the ready for those tender plants that are out.

Epimedium grandiflorum

Erythronium 'From Snape Cottage'  we never new it't proper name

Fritillaria meleagris 

Erythronium californicum 'White beauty' 

April 8th
Some lovely weather the last three days, everything bursting into life in the garden.
Saw three different butterflies yesterday, Peacock, Tortoiseshell and
During the winter I made a new blue mosaic tile backing for the 'Lions Head' water feature. Today I fitted it back on the wall. Also fixed the Garden Name at the front gate and the tiled picture on the wall in Lyn's garden. We take them down for the winter.

Begonia 'Luxurians' . Expecting great things from this plant later in the summer, a new exotic for my garden.


Tulips in the dappled shade, don't know the name as Lyn didn't label it.

At least 18 spots on this, friend or foe ?

Peacock Butterfly must be just warming itself in the sun, on a Magnolia.

Lilium martagon 'Claude Shride' . The leaves look like lettuces to me??

Clematis atragene 'Brunette' . A reliable plant here, lovely colour and form.

One year old Echium in pots, they need to get a move on to flower this year, although I don't mind if they are late.

Flower buds soon to open on the flowering cherry we call the 'Lollipop' tree, due to the shape we trim it to.

April 4th

Just got back from two weeks holiday in inland Spain, that is why the March Blog didn't have much in it.
Now it is full steam ahead on the gardening. We hadn't sown any seed before we went away, so now the propagator is on and full of pots of seed.
I mowed the back lawn today, as it had grown green and long after feeding it before we left. As many of you may know, I feed it with Blood Fish and Bone fertilizer.
I also trimmed the edges, which made it look quite good for the time of year.
Yesterday I took the fleece off the bananas, but still left the structures which shelter them, in place.

A few of the Dahlias in terracotta pots are just beginning to show signs of life, so I have stood them outside to give them more light. They over winter on shelving in the passage between house and shed.
Lyn has been tying up the clematis, not a very warm job as the temperature today was only 11c. A big difference to the 32c we had in the second week of our holiday.

One of the jobs I hate to do, but it cleans the paths and brickwork in the garden, is power washing. Last year I had almost finished it and the power washer broke. Water pours out of the machine instead of the high pressure lance.
I have had this happen before on the same make of machine. After checking it out it really is not worth repairing. So I will have to buy another, but this time a different brand.

Akebia quinata.  Small flowers but quite nice. The plant can grow quite big.

Corydalis solida 'G P Baker' 

Puschkinia libanotica 

Muscari azureum 

Ipheion uniflorum 'Alberto Castillo'.  probably the most flowers it has ever had over the five years we have had it.

Narcissus 'Ice Follies' 

Magnolia 'George Henry Kern'