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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
March 2012

March 31st
The warm sunny weather looks to be coming to an end. It has brought the growth of plants forward very quickly.
It won't be long before the first clematis is in flower, which one, I couldn't say yet.
Blackbirds have been digging holes in the lawn, mostly to take away bits of grass for their nest building.
We have two pairs of Bullfinch visit our feeders in the Exotic garden. There seems to be a lot more around these days, such brightly coloured birds are a welcome sight.
A couple of days ago we walked out over the common at the back of us. Despite one oldish gentleman we met saying there were no birds about, we saw at least six Dartford Warblers, one of them with a white feather in it's beak.
We also watched Linnets bringing in to the gorse, nesting material.
It was quite funny to see the male and female flying off together in search of nesting material, then returning a few minutes later. It was always the female carrying the material and building the nest. The male just landed on the tallest piece of gorse nearby, keeping watch on her. We observed this several times.

Lyn's front garden this afternoon

March 25th
A busy weekend in the garden. The Brugmansias have all now been repotted. The back exotic garden has been power washed, well the hard surfaces have !
I have repainted some of the low garden walls and repotted some of the exotic plants. The nights are too cold to bring any tender plants out yet, with temperature at night around plus 1.5c.
The days are very nice at about plus 19c. Looking at the weather in Malaga, Spain. They will be lucky if they get to plus 17c all this week.

Frittilaria imperialis now in full flower. Just a note to say we found 7 Lily beetles on this plant in one day.

The path leading from the front gate in Lyn's garden.

As you can see the path above winds down to the front door, and the edges to the beds do too.

March 21st
This afternoon we planted more lily bulbs in Lyn's garden, to add to those we have already got. I reckon we now have around 85 different Lilies in the garden and pots.
We only just found enough room for them, so no more to buy next year.
We are still getting some nights below freezing, so no hope of getting any tender plants out yet.
This coming weekend I hope to get the Brugmansias out of the conservatory, and get them out of their pots, to cut back some of the roots, then put them back into the same pot with new soil. They will then have return back into the conservatory again.
After feeding the lawns with some blood fish and bone a couple of weeks ago, they are greening up well.

Not long before Fritillaria imperialis buds open.

Narcisus 'Jumblie'

Leaves appearing on our lollipop tree, it's really a Malus of some sort, that we keep trimmed to shape.

March 11th
More repotting and root pruning of our plants in pots today, and it was warm in the sun again.
One of the major jobs to do soon is to get the Brugmansias out of the conservatory to root prune and repot back into their existing pots.
I also ran the mower over the lawn today to tidy it up.
So I am well pleased with what we have achieved this weekend.

The front garden looking from the bedroom window

And part of the front garden, now down at ground level

Phlox paniculata 'Dusterlohe' new growth

The Lilies seem to be pushing through the ground early this year, this one is 'Vendella'

March 10th
After a quiet week or so for us in the garden, today has been a very busy day, and what a lovely day it turned out to be.
A gloomy early morning, then the cloud cleared away to leave a sunny day, and warm enough for just a T shirt and light trousers.

At this time of year we put up a couple of mini greenhouses to house some of the less tender plants which we are bringing on for the plant stall.
I had to repair the framework of one of them as some of the thin metal tubes had rusted away. Then we were able to get on with some repotting of plants.
I bought 6 smallish Oleander plants last year, all different colours, they are now about a metre tall and  ready to go into larger pots.
The Echium pininana 'Pink tower' we raised from seed at this time last year, also needed bigger pots to encourage them to flower this year. Then there were many smaller plants to deal with as well.
Just as well some of the 51 bags of potting compost had arrived yesterday.

Some of the Echium in bigger pots, ready to go back in the greenhouse again.

Ipheon uniflorum in the sun


Fritillaria imperialis flower buds