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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
February 2012

February 25th
After a cold night +.2c, it turned out to be a very nice day, with some warm sun.
We had 6 new Clematis to find homes for today. We purchased them at the annual meeting of the local Clematis Society group.
At the meeting we showed part of the film German ARD tv had taken last year in the garden. It was the first time I had used a computer to connect to the venues new digital projector.
We arrived early and quickly connected everything up, and checked it all worked ok. We then had a talk given by Thorncroft Clematis nursery.
At the end of the talk it was Lyn's turn to say a few words about the filming with us and the garden. I clicked the button to start the film, and.......It worked.
Six new Clematis waiting for us to find new homes in the garden.

Ladybird ( and no the sky was not that blue, it is our front door)

The first of the Lilies emerging, this one was a good plant last year.

Crocus enjoying the sun

February 18th
The warmer weather has helped the plants along in the garden, and our seeds we sowed in pots in the propagator are mostly all under a growlight in the kitchen!!!
During the cold weather I have been making a motorized dolly that moves a camera along a two metre track. I tried it out yesterday filming a clump of snowdrops, the effect is just like you see on tv, with the camera slowly passing by the snowdrops. I intend to make a video of the garden and plants this year using some of the film taken from the dolly, it works from any position horizontally to vertically. I will probably try some time lapse as well.

One of Lyn's Phlox paniculata growing well despite a few slug holes.

Crocus in the sunshine

Salvia flowering in the greenhouse

Seedlings in the kitchen.

Snowdrops looking better now after the hard frost has gone. Compare with the picture below.

February 11th
Well not much has been happening in the last 10 days as the weather decided to show us that we had not escaped the cold this winter.
Everything had started to grow away in January, we had become concerned that the plants would flower even earlier this year, but with temperatures at night down to minus 9.6 c last weekend, and some snow during the week, the plants have stopped growing.
The ground is frozen hard, so no gardening to do really.
I did pot up 25 plants that arrived by post this afternoon, and baked a cake, which is one of several we are trying out to add to our menu on open days.

Even the Snowdrops were feeling the cold this morning, with their heads drooped down.

Crocus in the sun this afternoon, waiting for the warmer weather to open their flowers.