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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
February 2011


February 27th

The following 2 pictures just about sum up the weather today, showery.


February 24th

The plants in the garden are about 3 weeks earlier than last year, if you remember, last year, January and February where the coldest months.
Today has been a mild and quite sunny day, I even mowed the lawns to tidy them up.

A crocus that shone in the sun above cyclamen leaves.                Crocus chrysanthus 'Romance'

Ipheon uniflorum first flower                                                            Allium leaves


Crocus 'Ruby Giant'

Narcissi 'Tenby'                                                                                  Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' gives a heavy scent.

What a difference to the garden in 10 days, take a look at the picture taken 10 days ago, scroll down below to see.

February 14th

Snowdrops in full flower today, and there were a few showers of soft hail/sleet.

February 12th

We finished moving and splitting plants in Lyns front garden today. After planting a few new plants we then top dressed all the garden.
We used a mix of Westland Organic Farmyard manure and any cheap compost. We have top dressed the garden for the last 10 years, and gradually the height of the soil has built up, so we can't put too much top dressing on, probably about 25mm.

The dark top dressing now shows the labels up even more, but the plants are starting to grow quite fast and will soon hide the labels.

Crocus tommasinianus 'Roseus'  in the dappled sun this afternoon.

February 8th
I am not sure when Hoverflies usually appear in UK gardens, but this one seems to be an early visitor.

February 7th
The young leaves of Aconitum carmichaelii 'Royal Flush' emerging from the soil.

Crocus tommasinianus 'Roseus' waiting for the sun to come out to open their flowers.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Ard Shenk', a new crocus in the garden this year, it won't be long till it flowers and a picture can be added to our Plant Guide.

A lone Crocus sieberi 'Sublimis', many more to come.

February 4th
Well the sun didn't last long, a gloomy day today, drizzle and a strong gusty wind, same forecast for the weekend. We were hoping to split up some of the plants in Lyn's garden, like Phlox paniculata and Rudbeckia fulgida Deamii. The plants we split, end up on our plant stall for sale on open days.
A couple of photographs taken today with flash, because of the low light.

Galanthus nivalis.   The longer the weather stays cool, the longer the flowers will last.

Eranthis hyemalis

February 3rd
Hooray, the first plants in flower this year, in Lyn's cottage garden, a welcome sight.
The sun showed itself today and gave us a few hours of Spring.

Iris unguicularis will continue to flower for about six weeks.                 Crocus tommasinianus will flower for a couple of weeks