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Lyn and Malcolms Garden Blog
August  2015

August 29th

Quite a lot more rain since the last posting and temperature down to +7.7 during the night a couple of days ago.
I said that some of the Brugmansias will be dripping with flowers soon, well below is a picture showing the first.

It is 'Dalens Glory'. It always flowers well for us, but the downside for me is that I can never get many cuttings 
to root and survive till the following Spring. All the other Brugmansias we have, I find there is no problem

This will be the next to flower heavily. We don't actually know it's name. Lyn's brother gave it to us many years 
ago. We just call it 'Yellow'  !! This is not the original plant, it was a cutting from the original, which was actually 
shown with me preparing the cutting on Gardeners World, about 8 years ago.

On our open days we often get visitors confused with Datura and Brugmansia. The picture below is of a Datura 
which we grow from seed. I always say if the flower looks up it is a Datura, and if it looks down, it is a Brugmansia.

August 24th
It has been just over a week since our last open day of the summer.
To be honest we have been a bit disappointed with the numbers of visitors to the garden this summer.
Ok we have been spoilt for a long time with really good numbers of visitors, 200 or more on a Sunday where not unusual.
This last Sunday we had 128 visitors on a good weather day. Many when asked, have said they had never been before, so that was good.

We will be opening again next year, but not 11am till 5pm as we normally do. We will go back to the usual 1.30pm or 2pm till 5pm on open day Sundays.

Fortunately our private visits from garden clubs and societies were up this year, which has helped to raise the money we give to the National Garden Scheme, and the charities they support.
We will try to encourage more private groups to visit us next year.

Back to the garden. Well it was lucky we had not been open this last weekend, it has been pouring down with rain for several days now. The Phlox in Lyn's garden have taken a hammering, they really don't like heavy rain with the big flower heads they produce. The Lilies suffer from the rain too, the pollen tends to run over the flowers.
The 'Exotic' garden tends to resist rain damage a little better, last year at the end of September the Exotic garden was at it's best.
I have noticed the Lemons on the small plant we have, have turned more yellow in the cooler weather, and look out on our garden blog in a few days time, as some of the Brugmansia are going to be dripping with lots of flowers. They also like the cooler weather.

Phlox paniculata 'Eva Cullum' 

Lilium 'Red Dutch'

Lilium 'Kushi Maya' 

Lilium 'Lily Allen' 

Lilium 'Big Brother'


Part of Lyn's garden

And part of the 'Exotic' Garden