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Clematis Pruning


                                                          Lyn pruning Clematis "Huldine"                           After pruning

The Groups

Group 1
Most Clematis that flower January to May

Group 2
Most Clematis that flower May/June
Large flowered Hybrids
Double flowered Hybrids

Group 3
Clematis that flower later in the year on new growth

The Pruning

Group 1
Cut out the weak and dead growth, thin out if the plant is getting overgrown.
Alpina's and macropetalas often keep their dead leaves from the year before, and then new growth starts in the spring, remove the dead leaves otherwise the plant will look tatty..
Montana's should not be cut back back into wood which is more than a couple of years old, as it may kill the plant, surprising as they can be big strong plants. Remember that the growth made in the summer months is where the plant flowers in the following year, so don't prune in the autumn or onwards, because you will not have any flowers in spring.

Group 2
We normally prune these during the end of February or a bit later if the weather is very cold/frosty. Cut them back to good fat buds, (not too low down if possible), some stems will be stronger than others,  the weak ones will need to be cut back further, to find strong buds. Stems that are very weak should be cut down almost to the ground. Remove any dead leaves.

Group 3
We prune them at the same time as group 2. Follow the stems up from the ground, and cut them above the first set of strong buds, some where about one to two feet above the ground. New growth will normally push up from the ground later.

All groups, after pruning tie in any long growth, feed and mulch them. During the growing season keep them well watered and fed, but stop feeding when in flower. Enjoy them.