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Clematis Picture Mosaic

94 Clematis on one page!

Larger pictures can be found on our Plant Guide

Hover your mouse over the pictures to see the names of the Clematis.

Times move on, these pictures were taken in 2007 and 2008 so some of the Clematis we may not have now
Our 'Plant Guide' has the most up to date list and pictures.

Clematis Cartmani JoeClematis Montana ConstanceClematis AlpinaClematis Early SensationClematis Alpina Frances RivisClematis Alpina Markhams Pink
Clematis Montana RubraClematis Florida sieboldiClematis Pink ChampagneClematis Miss BatemanClematis Mrs CholmondeleyClematis Asao
Clematis JosephineClematis Lincoln StarClematis James MasonClematis Elsa SpatheClematis Souvenir du Capitaine ThuilleauxClematis The President
Clematis Louise RoweClematis Guernsey CreamClematis ShirkahineClematis Crystal FountainClematis The VagabondClematis Doctor Ruppell
Clematis NatashaClematis ArabellaClematis Vyvyan PennellClematis PiluClematis YukikomachiClematis Corona
Clematis Belle of WokingClematis Sylvia DennyClematis FujimusumeClematis Pennells PurityClematis General SikorskiClematis Petit Faucon
Clematis Hagley HybridClematis Countess of LovelaceClematis AromaticaClematis Princess DianaClematis integrifolia AlbaClematis Pangbourne Pink
Clematis Venosa ViolaceaClematis orientalisClematis Recta PurpureaClematis Etoile VioletteClematis AljonushkaClematis Valge Daam
Clematis Madame Edouard AndreClematis Rouge CardinalClematis Julia CorrevonClematis Betty CorningClematis AbundanceClematis Etoile Rose
Clematis KaaruClematis HuldineClematis Comtesse de BouchaudClematis Prince CharlesClematis integrifolia Pamiat SerdtsaClematis viticella Polish Spirit
Clematis VictoriaClematis viticella KermesinaClematis viticella Purpurea Plena ElegansClematis Margot KosterClematis jackmanii SuperbaClematis Rubromarginata
Clematis RhapsodyClematis Ville de LyonClematis Dutchess of AlbanyClematis Blue BoyClematis Royal VeloursClematis Daniel Deronda
Clematis William KennettClematis texensis Gravetye BeautyClematis Madame Baron VeillardClematis Barbara JackmanClematis anshunensisClematis cirrhosa Freckles
Clematis serratifoliaClematis Will GodwinClematis fargesoidesClematis Tage LundellClematis Nelly MoserClematis seedling from Inspiration
Clematis Scartho GemClematis RuutelClematis NiobeClematis Perle d AzurClematis HenryiiClematis Hanaguruma
Clematis Blue RavineClematis HakureeClematis florida PistachioClematis Multi Blue