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Chisenbury Priory East Chisenbury, Wiltshire

Leaving Colehill exactly on time, the coach made good progress to our first garden, Chisenbury Priory. We had to pass by the entrance on a narrow country road, to find a place to turn. We then drove back to the brick pillared entrance gates, and with barely an inch to spare we passed through. 
The present house dates from the 17th century, with a brick front added in the mid 18th century. There is a wonderful tranquility about the place with wide borders at the front redesigned in 2009 by Tom Stuart-Smith, and at the back, several different garden areas, a meadow a lake and pond. The clump and flint walls set off the clematis and roses well. So there was much of interest in the 5 acre garden, to keep us there for many hours. Mr John Manser the owner, was available to answer any questions we had, which was very much appreciated.

Alas time was pressing. Phil our driver, having enjoyed the challenge of getting the coach to the house, decided he needed a bigger challenge, so decided to reverse back out of the drive and gates. He deserved the applause we all gave

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