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Campanulas in our garden. watch our slide show of Campanulas Here

Campanula Alba Flore PlenoCampanula Blue BloomersCampanula Blue Oasis
Campanula Glomerata SuperbaCampanula MakaschvilliCampanula Percy Piper
Campanula PunctataCampanula Pyramidalis WhiteCampanula White Clips
Campanula CaerulaCampanula Persicifolia AlbaCampanula Dark Blue Clips
Campanula GawenCampanula Kellys GoldCampanula Kent Belle
Campanula Lodden AnnaCampanula Pride of ExmouthCampanula Pula
Campanula SerastroCampanula Beautifull TrustCampanula lactiflora dwarf pink
Campanula persicifolia blueCampanula Faichem LilacCampanula White Pouffe

And more to follow when they flower

1    trachelium "Alba flore pleno"
2    persicifolia "Blue bloomers"
3    primulifolia "Blue oasis"
4    glomerata "Superba"
5    makaschvilii
6    latiloba "Percy piper"
7    punctata "White hose in hose"
8    pyramidilis "Alba"
9    carpatica "White clips"
10    persicifolia "Caerulea"
11    persicifolia "Alba"
12    carpatica "Dark blue chips"
13    persicifolia "Gawen"
14    persicifolia "Kellys gold"
15    "Kent belle"
16    lactiflora "Loddon anna"
17    persicifolia "Pride of exmouth"
18    "Pulla"
19    "Sarastro"
20    takesimana "Beautiful trust"
21   lactiflora dwarf pink
22   persicifolia blue
23  trachelium "Faichem Lilac"
24  lactiflora "White Pouffe"