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Awards and Publications. 

Ferndown in Bloom Competition.
Prize for Best front garden, first time entry.
            2nd Prize for Best front garden.
            2nd Prize for Best summer front garden.

         "Viva Espana".
A four page article in March 2002 edition of Gardens Monthly, featuring pictures taken by Philip Smith and text by Mike Pilcher.

            "Little but lovely".Our garden was one of five, photographed by Philip Smith, for an article in Dorset magazine March 2002.

          "We each get to grow the plants we love best". A four page article in Ideal Home August 2002 with pictures and text by Nicola Stocken Tomkins.

           "A trip to the tropics" in Dorset magazine October 2002, pictures and text by Philippa Hardy. Unfortunately it was published, incorrectly in the magazine, that we live in West Moors, which is a nearby village to Ferndown.

            We also won the following  in the Ferndown in Bloom Competition.
            1st prize for Best front garden.
            1st prize for Best back garden
            2nd prize for Best seasonal front garden, incorporating a theme or special feature.
            Which gave us Garden of the year "
The Haskins Trophy"

We entered the Ferndown in Bloom competition again this year, the judging took place in July.

We won Garden of the year "The Haskins Trophy" for the second year running.
           and 1st prize for Best front garden.


We will not be entering the Ferndown in Bloom competition this year.
(In 2004 the rules of the competition were changed to exclude any garden that opens to the public from entering the main part of the competition. As we do all the work in the garden ourselves, we did not feel we had any advantage over any other entrants in the competition, so we have not entered since. The competition ran for two more years, then was abandoned because of lack of entries.)

"Cook Up A Treat" a four page article in Gorgeous Gardens, summer 2004 edition, text and photographs by Nicola Stocken Tomkins.

"BBC Radio Solent" came to our garden.
Sylvia Willoughby visited us on 9th August, and did a recorded walk round the garden, the eight and a half minute recording went on the air twice the following weekend, as part of the Top Soil gardening programme. Sylv left us carrying one of our Brugmansia plants, which she had taken a liking to, look after it Sylv.
Listen to the recording by clicking HERE    dont forget to turn your speakers or headphones on.


We entered the "Daily Mail National Garden Competition"
Apparently there were 1881 entrants for the competition. Of which 11 were short listed.
And we managed to be one of the 11 who went through to the next round.
The judges arrived at 2pm on Tuesday 31st May, Professor David Stevens, who has designed many Chelsea flower show gardens, was one of the judges. In three days they traveled from the south coast of England to Scotland in the north, visiting the 11 gardens.
We were amazed to receive a phone call, to say we had got through to the final with five other gardens.
The six finalists have been given free tickets to meet at the Hampton Court Flower Show on July 5th for a reception.
The final judging will start on July 25th, when all six gardens will be judged again, to choose an overall winner.

We didn't win the competition, but we do have a nice plaque to display in the garden.

Daily Mail plaque


The garden was featured in the magazine "1742" produced by Stewarts Garden Centres.
Lyn was one of  twenty contestants  picked for the BBC Gardener Of  The Year. She did not get through to the last five to appear on the program.


We were featured on BBC Gardeners World episode one in April. see more here
The garden was listed in the
DailyTelegraph newspaper as being one of the 50 Great Small Gardens to visit
The Ferndown in Bloom competition sponsored by Haskins Garden Centre has been revived, but the only class we could enter was Best Garden seen from a road or open area on public view. Lyn's front garden was voted the Best Front Garden and Overall winner.
She received 200 of Haskins Garden Centre tokens. Many thanks to Haskins for their generosity in sponsoring the competition.

Lyn recieving her prize Ferndown in Bloom competition 2009


Our garden is featured in a book called
Gardens of Dorset by Roger Lane, which shows 37 large and small Dorset gardens.
Malcolm's Exotic garden featured in a two page spread in
Garden News.
Lyn's Cottage garden came second in the Ferndown in Bloom competition. best Garden seen from a road or open area on public view. She received 75 of Haskins Garden Centre tokens.


The garden is due to be featured in The Dorset magazine, Dorset Life hopefully before our first garden open day in July. Unfortunately we have now found out that it won't be published till September, when of course we will have finished our open days for 2011. Not very helpful !
Lyn's Cottage garden came first in the
Ferndown in Bloom competition. best Garden seen from a road or open area on public view.
Lyn (centre) receiving her 100 of Haskins tokens in her front garden.



German ARD TV came to our garden and filmed with us for about 6 hours. It was while we had a visit of Swedish gardeners that where visiting gardens in the south of England.
We were part of a 45 minute documentary about English gardens, which included Great Dixter.

In 2012 Lyn retired from entering
Ferndown in Bloom, and became one of the judges for 2013.


Lyn was on BBC Radio Solent, for about 13 minutes, talking about our gardens.

The garden had a full page feature in
The Mail on Sunday on the 4th August.
It was titled
"SEPARATE BEDS, THE SECRET OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE." He's got an Exotic plot at the back of the house. And she's got a traditional Cottage garden at the front.
It was written by Martyn Cox, a well known writer and gardener.


There was a small feature on our garden in the Monty Don section of  The Mail on the 19th March,. titled "We cram in as much as we can"